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65 Never Looked So Good: The Future of Container Shipping Looks Bright

2021 marks the 65th anniversary of containerized shipping. On April 26th, 1956, shipping containers became an industry. Although it took nearly a decade for containerized ships to replace traditional breakbulk liners, as of today, containers are a critical part to world trade lines. The future of container shipping looks bright even with the productivity struggles related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Resilient Industry

While recent times may feel like a one-of-a-kind phenomenon to the global supply chain, in truth, container shipping is no stranger to disruption and inconsistent service. For the past 15 years, this industry has consistently experienced hurdles. From the most recent Suez Canal blockage to the 2010 restocking frenzy, bankruptcies, and surges, shipping has become a very resilient industry due to its continual pushing forward, changing, and adapting to meet the market’s needs.

Better Financial Standing

As container shipping charges ahead, most carriers find themselves in a better financial standing now than in previous years, and possibly ever. Driven by the increase in demand to move goods globally, the consumer age has been a positive for containerization. This is a very exciting time, some things we may see in the future include bigger megaships, different power sources to move ships faster, and of course, more digital logistics systems.

Starting in 1973 and continuing today, ClearFreight has been providing customers with unsurpassed customer service, attention to detail, and expert advice. While not as old as the industry of shipping containers, we are proud to be in our 48th year of operation. ClearFreight has grown leaps and bounds since its inception, and has added services, offices, and lots of technological upgrades through the years. Contact us today to tell us about your business and learn how our supply chain solutions can help your company grow.

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