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Remembering our Beloved Andy Kim

05/23/1971 – 04/26/2022

It is with great sadness that we inform the passing of our dear Andy Kim, Air Export Manager, on April 26th. Andy was an integral part of the company, having been a member of the ClearFreight family for 23 years.

Andy was much more than just an employee. To his staff he was their leader who guided with empathy and compassion. He was a mentor who “carried [the team] in his hands until [they] finally got it.” Joaquin Gamez, ClearFreight’s LAX Air Export Warehouse Supervisor said, “I looked up to Andy in every way possible, when I started working with [him] I longed to be like [him]. [He] took me under [his] wings, [he] took all of us under [his] wings and carried us until the very end.”

To his team he was not just a coworker, but a reliable colleague who never hesitated to lend a helping hand. Being the go-to person for many, he was the one that people could count on. If he didn’t have an answer on the spot, he would definitely have it the next day.

To his friends and family, he was a true CEO – Chief Entertainment Officer. He loved to bring people together to have a good time outside of work hours. He treated his staff like family and was the big brother that everyone looked up to. Kenji Ikari, part of the LAX Air Export team, said, “He’d give the shirt off his back to you if you needed it and if he helped you at work he probably had about 100 other things to do at the time but he still would help you. There really isn’t a way to properly describe how much he meant to me and how much I’ll miss him.”

Outside of work Andy was very passionate about hiking. His friends and colleagues jokingly said he was a little clumsy and seemed to fall into holes that no one knew existed. He shared this passion with his friends. After a long day of hiking, he would take them all to a Korean barbeque restaurant where he would always cook and serve others before himself. He was a selfless man who enjoyed life with others and loved making others happy.

Andy was a great man loved by so many people. He will be missed by everyone within and outside of ClearFreight, including his family and friends.

Rest in peace Andy! You have left a void no one can fill. Your kindness and memories will not be forgotten!

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