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The True Spirit of Christmas

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

In our consumerist society today, Christmas has become a day about commercialism, overabundance, and overindulgence. However, here at ClearFreight, we are rediscovering the true spirit of Christmas.

While getting our holiday photos done, each department here at ClearFreight had a choice of location to use as their backdrop. Our Accounting team specifically requested to have their photos taken in a nearby shopping plaza with a big, beautiful Christmas tree where a heartfelt story took place...

Upon arriving at the shopping plaza, the team was attracting a lot of attention from onlookers as everyone was dressed in different festive costumes. Darryl, our Director of Finance, was even dressed in a Santa Claus outfit (fully equipped with beard and hat!) As the team approached the Christmas tree, a few children playing by the tree immediately lit up when they saw Darryl and screamed SANTA!! A little girl rushed towards "Santa" and started giving him her Christmas "wish list". Darryl, being the good sport that he's known to be within the company, patiently listened and talked to the little girl.

Gradually, other kids began congregating around Santa, all wanting to share their Christmas wish list.

As the team got ready to take their photos, the kids did not want to leave Santa. Darryl, understanding the kids' excitement, held their little hands and walked them around the Christmas tree.

The kids were so excited to have their photos taken with Santa!

The team, touched by what they were witnessing, patiently waited as Santa spread his kindness and joy with the kids.

The team also participated in a photo op with them!

After getting back to the office, the team sent pictures of Santa and the kids to one of the mothers. Shortly after, they received below message back from the mother:

Thank you so much. You have no idea how much this meant. My son (in red striped shirt) and daughter (black and white hat) both are battling cancer. My son was supposed to be admitted to the hospital today to start his next round of chemo and stem cell transplant, but it's been postponed until Monday. They don't get to spend a lot of time with their cousins, so to spend it with their cousins and Santa, was amazing. Your team was so kind and patient with them.
Happy Holidays,

All of us were reminded how a simple act of our kindness could make such a difference in someone's lives. This is what Christmas should be about - generosity, compassion, encouragement. And this is what we here at ClearFreight are about - making a difference in our customers' lives.

Let us make a difference in your lives today.

Thank you ClearFreight Accounting team for this important reminder!

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