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Trends in American Consumerism

Personalization and convenience are some of the biggest trends facing American consumers in the digital age. The days of consumers walking into stores to try products and ask questions are almost a distant memory. While brick-and-mortar stores still do exist, each day businesses are taking their products fully digital due to the internet’s advantages, including reaching consumers globally while reducing operational costs.

This means, for brick-and-mortar stores to survive, they have to be able to adjust and offer the same kind of personalization that consumers can find online. By design, digital eCommerce stores find new ways to tantalize consumers with personalization, unmatched in a world where big-box retailers are accustomed to mass production.

The shift from mass production to personalization is just one trend the retail industry faces in 2020. Another is convenience.

What’s more convenient than ordering something online and receiving it within a day? Amazon has changed the face of shopping for consumers, making it easier to get any product, anywhere, at almost any time. For shoppers, this new face of commerce offers unmatched levels of satisfaction without leaving the house that simply can’t be offered in a traditional retail store.

For this reason, retailers big and small, digital and brick-and-mortar, have to find ways to extend convenience to customers to remain competitive. As this trend continues to evolve, larger retailers will expand their logistics networks and get on board with competitive shipping options for shoppers.

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