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US Congress Gives FMC Go-Ahead on FMC Shipper Advisory Group

Recent events have brought about a massive upheaval in the global supply chain, with shippers particularly shouldering the weight of skyrocketing rates and charges.

In light of this, the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) launched its Ocean Carrier Audit Program, which has started to gather information for potential future measures but has yet to bear any fruit.

In another welcome step forward, the FMC has established, with the approval of the United States Congress, the National Shipper Advisory Committee that will work together with the FMC to pursue solutions that aim to appease both shippers and transportation providers alike.

What is the National Shipper Advisory Committee?

The National Shipper Advisory Committee advises the FMC “on policies relating to the competitiveness, reliability, integrity, and fairness of the international ocean freight delivery system.”

It is “comprised of 12 representatives of entities who export cargo using ocean common carriers, and 12 representatives of entities who import cargo using ocean common carriers. Committee membership will reflect a balanced mix of commodities shipped, ports used, geographic areas served, and origins of cargo.”

The member list found here shows representatives from some of the biggest corporations that operate in the US, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and IKEA on the importer’s side and DuPont, Tyson Foods, and Blue Diamond Growers on the exporter’s side.

The committee members are to serve on the National Shipper Advisory Committee through 2024.

What Does This Mean for Shippers?

As the committee comprises of both importers and exporters alike, it would be nice to think that they’ll come up with some practical joint recommendations that benefit both sides of the logistics equation. At the very least, it’s nice to see public and private organizations attempting to put their heads together to fix the clearly broken current state of the supply chain.

Whether this committee will result in positive changes is yet to be seen, it certainly seems like the FMC has started to make real strides in its pursuit of rectifying ongoing shipping issues. In the meantime, third party logistics companies like ClearFreight are a great resource for businesses looking for help navigating the troubled waters of today’s global supply chain. Contact the experts at ClearFreight to hear how our supply chain solutions and expert advice can help make shipping easier for you.

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